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The digital communication platform for schools and much more

Is your copier working overtime?


Are papers getting lost in the depths of your students’ backpacks?

Are you lacking an overview of communication with parents?

More than 1,200 schools have already been impressed by Klapp – the simple communication solution for schools, clubs, parishes and much more

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Worlddidac - Winner Award  2023

Teacher: Hello! Lukas is making great progress in math, but still needs help with reading and writing.


Parents: That's our pleasure! How can we support him in this?

Teacher: A reading corner at home and shared reading times could help. 

Parents: Great ideas, thank you! We'll try this out.



Klapp, simple communication that works!

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Figure it out



3 Mill.






Of the 313 teachers surveyed, only one teacher did not want to use Klapp - we say: Klapptastic!

More time for the children


Klapp is a communication solution that was developed specifically for the education sector. It simplifies communication between teachers, parents and students and allows important information such as messages, calendars and absences to be managed in a central location.

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Ready for use quickly


By using Klapp you benefit from numerous advantages such as time savings, increased efficiency, environmental protection and data security.

Reduce administration

The user-friendly interface requires no special training and allows for easy implementation in your educational institution.

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Headmaster of Chrüzlibach District Primary School

Klapp is the basis for our distance learning at kindergarten and lower school. As soon as the Federal Council decided to close schools, our parents were already informed. The parents showered us with praise for this, and I'm happy to pass that on!

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Easy communication


Communicate with parents using the free Klapp app on your smartphone or via a browser on your PC/Mac.

Time saving

Combine all communication channels such as email, SMS, social media and chat in one inbox.


Data protection

Klapp does not pass on your data and communication takes place via Swiss servers.

Klapp in the media


Environmental protection


By digitizing communication and eliminating paper letters to parents, Klapp is making an important contribution to environmental protection.

Ready for use quickly

Klapp takes data from existing sources and was developed specifically for everyday school life and designed in such a way that no school enrollment is required.


You can also reach users without a smartphone. Klapp is easy to use even for people with less technical savvy.

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