Klapp's employees act according to the principle of this data protection declaration and treat your data conscientiously and confidentially.

In our Privacy Policy, we inform our users (teachers, school administrators, students, parents, club members, etc.) what personal information we collect about them, how we use that information, and with whom we may share that information. You will also be informed of your rights with respect to the use of your data by us.

Like every internet platform and app, we need only a few personal data for the access-protected areas on, or the mobile app (iOS | Android), as well as for setting up a user account.

These data are only collected for the intended purpose, processed and under no circumstances misused. We strictly adhere to the following principles:


Klapp allows informational self-determination. Users decide for themselves which contact details they want to share or hide from other users.

No trading

Privacy by design

No record

No recording of the surfing behavior of registered users. To protect the privacy of users, Klapp does not record the surfing behavior of registered users.

Data in Switzerland

We don't want to earn any money with your data. Under no circumstances will your user data be sold to third parties or used for advertising.

We use user data sparingly (privacy by design). We make sure that no unnecessary data is collected in order to protect the privacy of every user as well as possible.

We store your data in Switzerland. User data is stored and processed in Switzerland and our partners comply with Swiss and European data protection regulations.

If you have any questions regarding data protection, would like to request information, or would like to request the deletion of your data, please contact our contact person for data protection law by sending an e-mail to or calling us on +41 32 510 08 38.

The contact details of our data protection officer (CISA, CISSP) are as follows:

Klapp GmbH | Elias Schibli | Föhrenstrasse 1 | CH-5442 Fislisbach​​

Klapp bundles, simplifies and digitises administrative communication.

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