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The appropriate handling of a communication solution 

The administrative coordination of reaching all parents and also receiving answers in good time usually involves a great deal of effort.Diverse technologies and preferenceslead to confusing communication on different channels.

Thedigital communication solution Klappgives you the opportunity to use all communication in one channel, easily and efficiently. It's child's play to get a central overview of all messages sent

"But theincorrect use of digital media also hides conflictsthat can easily be avoided with little effort.»

More time for the children

folding userhave us from yours

reported everyday situationswe estimate

this valuable exchange.

Ourfolding etiquetteshould help to improve digital communication at school with all stakeholders. In ourtipsdirectly in the folding portal, you are welcome to read our brief instructions on the subject of "Dealing with digital communication solutions".

  • How do I deal with sensitive information?

  • When is short-term information useful?

  • How do I avoid media breaks?

  • How can I design distance learning with Klapp?

  • How do I avoid notification flood?

We listen to you!Do you know other such matters from your everyday life?

Please let us know.

Thanks very much!


It works with a fold! 

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