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Information for school administrators, principals and teachers


Good practices

Your school has implemented Klapp and you don't know where to start ? Or you don't know how to add a second child to your account ?

We have what you need ! The guideline of the most important part is the procedure for installing the Klapp app and how to connect with your account with your child. Click on the link below. 

Image by Nick Fewings

First Steps (international)

Available languages:

Tedesco / Francese / Italiano / Inglese / Spagnolo / Portoghese / Albanese / Turco / Bosniaco / Ucraino / Russo / Arabo / Curdo / Hindi / Greco / Polacco / Ungherese"

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Do you need additional support?

Visit our support page! You will also find detailed instructions and tutorial videos.

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