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  • Where can I find instructions for the Klapp teacher portal?
    The Getting Started with Klapp document can be downloaded here.
  • How can I change the parents' email addresses?
    If you made a typo when entering an email address, you can now change the email directly in the "Edit teacher" and "Edit parent" windows. Deletion and re-entry is no longer necessary. After clicking on "Save" you will be asked whether a new invitation should be sent to the changed e-mail address.
  • How do I find out whether the parents can already be reached via Klapp?"
    During the initial phase, it is important to know which parents are already available, either via email or on the app. We have built in two ways to do this. 1. Possibility: overview class In the Class Admin --> Classes menu, click on Edit Students. For each student you will see: Whether the parents have already downloaded the app and confirmed the request "do you want to accept class xy Whether messages/documents will be emailed to parents Important: If there is a "-" in both columns, the parents cannot be reached via Klapp. Maybe you want to send the parents the e-mail invitation to download Klapp again (under Class Admin --> Parents)? 2. Possibility: read receipts You can now also quickly find out under the read receipts from the parents whether unconfirmed messages can be read at all. Just hover over the name of the desired parent. You can see whether the parents can be reached either via the app and/or by email. If both entries are red, the parents will not receive the message. If a child is not checked either on the app or in the e-mail, the parents cannot be reached through Klapp. Either the parents chose it that way, or something went wrong. You can take the following steps: Check the entered e-mail address for KLAPP. Did you make a typo? Under Class Admin --> Parents, click «Resend invitation» on the parent to send the parent a reminder If neither works, contact the parents to clarify why the app was not installed or the class was not accepted.
  • How do I register a new class?
    Administrator only In a next step, the administrators record the classes. Under Class Admin à Classes, click Capture Class Enter the name of the class and assign one or more teachers You can already enter the students and parents here. However, this can also be done in a later step by the administrator or the teacher (step 4) Click Save à the class is now visible to the assigned teachers Archive: Archived classes can still be viewed in the teacher portal, but the information is no longer displayed on the parent app. Tip: Enter unique class names, e.g. «2a_2017». This means that the information can also be viewed in the future (e.g. in archived classes).
  • How do I register a teacher?
    Only for role: Administrator In a first step, the administrators register their teachers. They will then receive their username and password by email. Under Class Admin à Teachers, click New Teacher Enter the necessary information in the Enter teacher mask Telephone: Parents can see this in the app. Enter the number here that the teacher would like to give to the parents In the Classes field, a class can already be assigned to the teacher. If the class does not yet exist, the teacher can be assigned later when the class is entered Click Register teacher and send invitation. The teacher receives an invitation Teachers can also be deleted. The access rights are revoked. The classes, messages, documents, etc. recorded by the teacher are retained.
  • How do I record students and parents in the class?
    Administrator and teacher Tip: In addition to the students in the class, enter a "test student" who you assign yourself as a parent (e.g. with your private email). So you can download the app yourself and see what the parents see on the app. Students and parents in a class can be entered either by the teacher himself or centrally by the administrator. After registration, parents receive an email invitation to install the app Under Class Admin --> Classes, click Edit Students on the class you want to edit If you are not sure if the student already exists in the school, type the name under Select Existing Student and (if it exists) click Add If the student does not exist in the school yet, click Create New Student Enter all required fields Either select an existing parent or click Add New Parent Enter all fields for the parent and click OK Back on the student screen, either add more parents or confirm with OK Back in the class mask, either add more parents or confirm with Confirm
  • How do I send a welcome message to the class?
    Administrator and teacher Tips: So that parents do not see an empty app after the first login, enter a welcome message immediately after entering students and parents In the welcome message, ask parents to click read receipt as soon as they receive future messages Under Short Messages, click New Message Enter the message to the whole class and click Send The message is visible to the parents immediately after the first login Sample message Welcome message with acknowledgment of receipt! Dear parents Welcome to Klapp. We look forward to communicating with you via this channel in the future. For important messages we will ask you to confirm receipt. Please try it out now. Best regards
  • How do I send a message?
    Tip: Always send documents using the Documents function (a newly uploaded document also automatically generates a short message) Under Short Messages: Click New Message You can either all parents of one or more classes With Add Link you can either link websites or previously uploaded documents Click Request a Read Receipt if you want to make sure all parents got the important message Parents receive a push message on the app
  • Where can I see if parents have already read the message?
    Tip: Parents can send read receipts both on the app and in KLAPP email messages. Under Short Messages, click the #/# link in the Read Receipts column You can see which students' parents have already read the message If you click remind parents, all parents who have not yet confirmed receipt of the message will receive another "push" on their smartphone
  • How can I share documents?
    Tip: Although Word documents are accepted for sending, we recommend always sending PDFs (not all receiving devices can read Word) Tip: Uploaded documents automatically generate a short message that is linked to the document. The parents also receive a push message Under Documents: Click New Document Select the reception class(es) You can optionally add text under Message. This appears with the parents in the automatically generated push message By clicking on Select documentyou can upload a document from your computer Confirm with Upload Parents receive a push message on the app. You can also open the document again at any time under "Documents".
  • How do I create a calendar entry?
    Tip: A calendar entry does not generate a push message. Therefore, only enter calendar entries as a complement - new information should be sent via the Documents or Short Messages functions. Under Calendar: New appointment click Select the reception class(es) Enter all relevant information and the date With Add link you can either link websites or previously uploaded documents Confirm with Save appointment Parents see the appointment in the app under Calendar, but do not receive a push notification.
  • How can I archive information?
    You can archive short messages and documents. After archiving, the information is no longer visible to the parents in the app. However, you can view the archived information, delete it completely or reactivate it at any time under Go to archive.
  • How can I edit students and parents?
    You can edit student and parent information afterwards. Students (Students menu): Change student information Change class assignment (e.g. membership in other classes) Add or remove parents Parents (Parents menu): Change Parent Information Add or remove children Change communication settings
  • How do I create a shortcut of the flip account on the home screen of my iPhone/iPad?
    Open on the web browser and do the following:
  • How do I create a shortcut of the flip account on the home screen of my Android device?
    open on the web browser and do the following:
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