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The first steps with Klapp are free

By creating a Klapp account you agree to the terms of the Klapp terms of service

Thank you for your trust in us.

How much costs Klapp?  

The price per user (student and teacher) per year is equivalent to the price of one Big Mac in your country. 

Klapp is free for parents.

We only charge for users who are assigned to at least one active class. A class is active when at least 90% of the students are connected with parents (guarantee of success!).

And if Klapp should not inspire you, then simply let us know. Your account will be closed and no invoice will be issued.

Fill out the form if you are a school, a church, a club, etc. and would like to discover Klapp free of charge.

You already have an account? Please log in here.

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use your information.

As a parent or a student please register

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